Friday, March 20, 2009

Sorry about not posting

I haven't felt very well for a few days, not an excuse, just a reason. I did get both sides of the biscornu done. Will photograph them tomorrow and post them. I haven't done much else. I worked on my purse I started back in October, 2008. It will be done soon. It has been a real joy to work on, but I had to finally say enough. I aparently have a penchant for encrusting. I will log it as soon as the blocks are done. I also gotten started on Winnie's block for the round robin. I put a spider web and spider on, did a couple of seams with bullion roses (my very most favorite) and some other stitches. Next I want to work on one of the velvet patches.

I also have some more to do with the Dalmaticas. I should get them done tomorrow. I got out of babysitting tomorrow, so I will have some time to get them done.

God bless.

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