Sunday, March 28, 2010

These are the pics for my headboard so far. I hope to have it finished by the end of this year.




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Saturday, March 27, 2010

These are some crewel work pictures. I did the rooster in wool, the pomegranate in rayon, and the other one in cotton floss.



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I found these fancy letters on the net somewhere. So I decided to make a monogram ut of them.

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These are some of the assignments from my Basic Crazy Quilting class.




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These are some of the Color Theory class assignments I have done.




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These pics afre of a thrift store find. A jewelry box with a hidden drawer, and I will cover it with embroidery in the style of vintage caskets.


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These are just some cross stitch I did.

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These are pics I have done with a religious theme.

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Answers to questions

In answer to questions about my headboard, I do not have one currently. I will actually make the blocks into a wall-hanging, 4 blocks wide and 2 blocks tall. I will make the backing in a solid color, and the whole thing will hang from a shelf I have above my bed. I still have to make 4 more blocks. Green (under the sea), yellow (no theme yet), peach (no theme yet), and silver and gray ( no theme yet). I am trying to make each block speak about my life and loves. The pink one is about the fact that I am a girl, and really love frilly things. The cream and gold one is about my love of quiet and calm. The blue is about my love of stitching. The purple one, which isn't shown yet, is about my love of gardens and tea parties. I will post it as soon as I finish it. I don't know how to make my pics get large. I'll have to check with a friend who does a lot of pics. If there is something you especially want to see, let me know and I will make a close up to post.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Best Laid Plans

You know, that old saying is so true. The best laid plans often go awry. It has been raining and windy both yesterday and today, so I haven't taken pictures yet. If I take them without natural light, they are very hard to see, very dark. I was planning to update the blocks for my headboard of my bed, the BCQC pieces I'm working on, the CTC stuff, and some Crewel work I have been enjoying lately. I hope the sun comes out soon. I have lots to catch up on. Here's hopeing 'tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya' tomorrow' will be a better day.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What language is this?

I was just reading the comments on My I won message, and there is something that I can't understand. Someone has posted a comment, but it is in an unknown font. Would that person please let me know what they had to say? I want to understand, and while you're at it, why did you post in such an off-beat manner?

Friday, March 12, 2010

My, but it has been a long time.

I have had a very difficult winter, and just thought I should check out my blog. I haven't blogged in months. So I have decided to do something about it.

I have been teaching on-line classes over at StitchMAP on Yahoo. It's not too difficult except for when you really need to do something hands-on. That does take some working out. I am currently teaching Basic Crazy Quilting and Color Theory. I will post some pics this weekend, because I am going to take pictures tomorrow when the sun shines.

Because these classes are new, the mentors are also taking the class. We are making the projects along with the apprentices. If you would like to learn something new to do with a needle, or need something to help fill your days (LOLOLOL), why not come over and join us. You would be welcome.