Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday evening

I just left the Grandkids, and am home at last. We played with my charms and special buttons. They love to just look through them every now and then. Now that I am home, I received 2 detritus bags from Vickie Clayton at Threadart. Such beautiful colors. I also received 2 of the 3 Teresa Wentzler books I ordered from Amazon. The other should be here this week. I don't very often get to order things by e-mail, or even shop in a store for more than some thread. I have a good start on the first puzzle piece for the Pat Winter Gathers Friendship Puzzle swap. They arn't due until June 1st, but why wait. I am enjoying a few days of quiet before a new order for St. Michaels comes in. They want a set of robes for the Deacon. They don't take long, but I really hate working with the fabric. It frays and flies everywhere. So I will wait patiently nd enjoy the respit.


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