Friday, May 29, 2009

Great sites

Hello to all who are looking here. I have a couple of sites to tell you about, today. The first is CQ for Newbies. This site is really friendly, and is a good site to begin to learn about crazy quilting. There are so many lovely, friendly ladies to help. To join, see the addy below.

The other groups is newer, but even more special. It is stitchmap, and it is the place to go to actually learn, not only about CQ, but pretty much any other technique that uses a needle. It is an apprentice/mentor site, and many of the ladies on it are also on other cq sites. If you are interested, come on over and join us.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This is Helena's Blue "Garden" Block. I did the upper left corner and down the left side most of the way, the seam connecting them and on the right side of the long block, and the center block. The corner has spider web and spider with a cluster of eggs that she is guarding. Below that is a row of butterflies to hold the seam. Then the next thing is the bunch of blue flowers on the upper limb of the tree (which is out of site except for the 2 limbs).

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Below that, on the other limb is a stumpwork peacock, with the tail done in sequins and beads. Below that is a metallic winged dragonfly with a bead body. The seam on this block is cretan stitch filled with sequins and beads, The sequins are clear with silver glitter in them, so they look blue and reflect mostly blue.

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Finally, the center seam is done with metalic blue thread on the flowers and leaves, with the large flower centers filled with blue seed beads.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Proud Nana

Ok, brag time. My 7 year old grandaughter has been taking tumbling and cheerleading classes for some time now. She is a very driven child. Anounced last night were the National Championships. There are four regional championships, and her team took first place in regional. Anounced last night were the National Championships. They took second place in the nationals. I could just scream. I am bursting with pride at her accomplishments.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cross Stitch RR

Below is the picture of my work on Jan's fabric. I did the fairy over 1 thread to keep her small, but did the flowers over 2 threads to give some scale for the fairy. I hope Jan likes her.

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