Tuesday, March 17, 2009

End of day recap

Well, I got one side of the Biscornu done and started the second side. I got almost one Dalmatica done before my daughter called for a few hours of babysitting. I have 11 grandchildren, fortunately (or not) only 3 of them live near me. I usually babysit Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Sometimes I get called for other days. It really interferes with my sewing, but I do love my little rascals. Brady is 5, Morgan is 7, and Justan is 15. Justin usually watches the little ones on Tuesday and Thursday, but sometimes school things interfere. I have received my round robin list for cross titching. Thankfully the date to mail is not until April 30. I still have some daylight left, and I can work by lamp light, so I will see how much further I get for today. More tomorrow.


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