Saturday, April 25, 2009

Needlebook Tutorial

Well, here it is, as promised. I hope it makes sence, and that you get the needlebook you dream of. If there are any questions or problems, please let me know and I will try to correct it.



Backing fabric:
2 Rectangles, 2 ¾ inches x 4 inches
Pencil or other marking device
Lining fabric, 2 pieces, 5 inches z 7 inches
3 – 5 rectangles of felt for pages (same size as above)
One piece on heavy interfacing cut same as lining

Start by drawing a rectangle (see above) on the backing fabric. Now piece your book in whatever colors you wish. You can even use just one color. Be sure to leave about ¼ inch of overlap on your edges. Baste down your pieces, and trim seams to make stitching easier. I do not use a hoop, but you may if you like. Now for the fun part, do your seams and pull out the basting threads. Embellish to your hearts content, but watch you don’t go over the pattern edge, or get too close. When all of that is done, we start construction.

Determine which piece will be the front. Take one piece of lining, and stitch the front rectangle to it as follows:

Trim both pieces to just a little wider than the rectangle, I go to an even 3 inches by 4 ½ inches. Fold the lining in half so it is 3 1/2 by 5. Measure ½ inch from the fold and mark with a line. Open up the lining and place the front piece face down on the lining piece, with the left side seam marking on the marked line and sew it down. Fold it back over the lining so it is face up, and pin to hold. Measure 1 inch from the front piece and mark it with a line. Put the back piece face down on the lining and the left seam marking on the line, and sew it down. Fold it back over the lining and then iron both pieces so they lay flat.

Take the other piece of lining and the interfacing, and place it over the front and back pieces so the edges line up with the other lining piece. Stitch up the front over the top and down the back making sure to catch the edges of your pieced front and back. Trim the edges and cut off the corner edges so it will not be too bulky when turned. Turn if so that the front and back are out. It should look pretty good at this point. Go ahead, get excited. Fold the bottom edge up inside and whip the bottom being sure to have the front and back piece’s edges inside.

To make the needle pages, fold the felt pieces in half and stitch them to the cover individually. This will give you six pages. You may add as many as five felt pieces for needle pages. On the front, sew a button on the right edge about ½ way down. On the back, stitch a button loop on the edge lining up with the button. Fold the book closed, and put the loop around the button. Adjust it if it is too long, or rework it if it is too short.

That’s it. Your book is done. You may mark the pages for which type of needle you have on it, or just put your needles in and go.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern. I love it and will make these for Christmas. Eileene